Oznake: Sofafest

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The second day of Sofafest

After the magnificent opening on the end of April, the second day of „Sofafest“ brought us to the Casa Planas (Centre Cultural Casa Planas), an amazing old foto factory turned into an art residency, co-working space, and a place for multi-artistic programs, from cinema to concerts. This place showed us the real intention of „Sofafest“ to bring the audience into smaller and more intimate venues...

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The beginning of Sofafest journey

On an island known for beautiful beaches, crazy nightlife and too expensive daily life, a group of enthusiasts started a different type of music festival.  While the music business pushes the crowds into big halls with an intention to charge them for their love for music, „Sofafest“ gathers the audience and the artists into friendly and intimate connection by making concerts in smaller venues, unexpected...